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No sign of China’s new supercomputers among world’s Top500


No sign of China’s new supercomputers among world’s Top500

Chinese developers of the new systems have not officially submitted details to the list organisersUS Frontier system tops the rankings but China still has the highest number overallChina technologyHolly ChikPublished: 10:30pm, 3 Jun, 2022Why you can trust SCMP

The absence of new Chinese supercomputers from a list of the world’s 500 fastest systems amounts to a major gap in the rankings, according to a co-founder of the Top500.

“The missing Chinese machines affect the Top500 list and alter the historical information that the list conveys,” said Jack Dongarra, distinguished professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee in the United States.

“We know they exist, and research papers have been written about using these systems. We understand their competent performance, but nothing has been officially submitted.”

Twice a year since 1993, the Germany-based ranking group has released its list of the powerful non-distributed computer systems in the world.

China used to actively take part in the rankings but has become more reluctant to share supercomputing information in recent years because of “trade frictions” with the US, according to a Chinese scientist involved in the project.

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