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How a Hong Kong student’s virtual business exposed sex scandals at university camps

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How a Hong Kong student’s virtual business exposed sex assault cases at university camps

Instagram user, 21, runs platform claiming to take on any job, with the one-man-band founder doing assignments himself or hooking clients up with others who canRequests range from menial tasks to hosting gigs, as well as being a listening ear to othersHong Kong societyEmily HungPublished: 9:00am, 17 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

A recent string of sex assault allegations and arrests at Hong Kong universities were revealed by an unusual platform run by a 21-year-old student who claims to accept “any kind of job”.

Identified only as Hin Hin, the youth takes on all manner of requests, mostly for a fee, doing the assignments himself or hooking up clients with others. He also entertains troubled souls seeking a listening ear or a platform to air their grievances – which was how the university allegations came to light.

The virtual business is run through the Instagram page “Hin Hin Man Si Ok”, the Cantonese romanisation of Yorozuya, a term from Japanese manga and anime series Gintama that literally means “house of 10,000 businesses”.

“Back in high school I did a lot of part-time jobs but I still found life boring,” the student told the Post in a recent interview. “I want to build a platform that can help people solve problems by bridging them with others who have the skills or resources.”

HKU student bailed by Hong Kong court in orientation camp sex assault case

The business operates on a free-pricing system and has so far received a wide range of requests such as flat-cleaning for HK$300 (US$38), grilling meat for a client at a restaurant, preparing decorations for a wedding proposal, penning an apology letter or even giving a daily wake-up call at 6am.

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