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‘Good hubby and dad’: man takes depressed wife, baby son along on delivery rounds

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‘Good husband and dad’: China delivery driver shows remarkable care for depressed wife, brings her and baby son to work, earning online praise

After giving birth, his wife was conned out of US$11,000 during online job search which led to her depressionAmong 28 videos on his Douyin account, Wuzi is seen feeding his wife, bathing his son and spending time with them outdoorsTrending in ChinaLiya Suin ShanghaiPublished: 6:00pm, 25 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

A 29-year-old Chinese food delivery driver has melted hearts after local media circulated a video of him taking his wife and baby son on his rounds after she was diagnosed with depression.

In a video report by Sina News, the driver, nicknamed Wuzi, is shown with his months-old son strapped to his chest as he puts a helmet on his wife, who is sitting on his motorbike, before setting off on a delivery.

Wuzi, from Jiangxi province in southeastern China, has 120,000 followers on the social media platform Douyin but his popularity soared after the report, with the internet community delighted by the sight of him running with the baby to deliver food to his customers.

People were also moved by Wuzi’s struggles as the family’s sole breadwinner and caregiver, which began late last year after the baby’s birth. Around the same time his wife was conned out of 80,000 yuan (US$11,000) during an online job search to try and ease the financial burden.

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