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Would breaking MTR’s monopoly really benefit Hong Kong?


LettersWould breaking MTR’s monopoly really benefit Hong Kong?

Readers discuss calls for competition in Hong Kong’s rail market, and official efforts to rejuvenate the city’s nightlifeHong Kong economyLettersPublished: 11:30am, 18 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

Feel strongly about these letters, or any other aspects of the news? Share your views by emailing us your Letter to the Editor at [email protected] or filling in this Google form. Submissions should not exceed 400 words, and must include your full name and address, plus a phone number for verification.I would like to respond to “MTR Corp faces competition for link to Qianhai” ( September 4).

The second-stage study on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Rail Link is still under way. It is prudent at this time, therefore, for the government to canvass options for financing, construction and operation of the link.

However, while the link might be viewed as strategically necessary to facilitate the development of renminbi financial services, it is difficult to see how passenger numbers are generated thereby.

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