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‘Why did you marry me?’: crazed man beats himself up in street over wife’s affair

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‘Why did you marry me?’: hysterical man in China beats himself on head, stomps on feet as he berates wife in street over affair

Tearful man yells at wife: ‘You don’t care about us at all’ as he accuses wife of having affairTormented husband’s actions split opinion on mainland social media with some calling him ‘shameful’Trending in ChinaAlice Yanin ShanghaiPublished: 9:00am, 13 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

Video footage of a hysterical man in China beating himself in the street as he accuses his wife of cheating has trended on mainland social media.

The bizarre incident unfolded on a street in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province on September 3, according to a report by Jiaodian Video.

In a viral video clip, the tearful man can be heard yelling: “You have totally ignored our family and you don’t care about us at all.

“You don’t care about our kid, nor care about me. You only think about your date all the time. Why did you marry me?”

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