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‘Fantasy’: doubt cast over US-led infrastructure project given track record


The US has a new plan to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Will it go the way of the others?

The scheme is designed to create a rail and shipping corridor that connects India, the Middle East and the EUThe plan bears similarities to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but some critics have called it a ‘fantasy’ that will never materialiseBelt and Road InitiativeCyril IpPublished: 3:56pm, 17 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

A newly announced US-led infrastructure project with India, Europe and the Middle East will energise economic development through improved connectivity and integration between Asia, the Persian Gulf and Europe, according to its proponents.The ambitious plans bear a strong similarity to China’s bigger Belt and Road Initiative, and if completed, would be seen as a challenge to the Chinese strategy.

But some observers have cast doubt over prospects for the US-led project, with several of its predecessors having already evaporated.

The highlight of the project – which did not refer to China directly – is a rail and shipping corridor that would connect India with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and ultimately the European Union, to enable greater trade among the countries, including in energy and digital products.

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