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‘Who I am’: Macau-born chef in Vancouver Steven Che tells his story in food

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Macau-born Steven Che is one to watch on Vancouver’s dining scene. The Chinese-Canadian chef talks about storytelling through food

After moving to Vancouver as a child, Chinese-Canadian Steven Che worked at 3-Michelin-star Maeemo in Oslo and in Australia before opening a pizzeriaThe 30-year-old up-and-comer opens up about what he learned on his intercontinental culinary journey, his inspirations, and why he’s ‘very rooted in Vancouver’Food and DrinksBernice Chanin VancouverPublished: 7:15am, 20 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

At a recent dining pop-up in Vancouver, Canada, Chinese-Canadian chef Steven Che looked to his childhood for inspiration.

The 16-course dinner included dishes such as persimmon with toasted soy, black sesame and century egg, sourdough scallion pancake with beef tongue, lap yuk ragout and leek oil, and Dungeness crab porridge with Red Fife sourdough miso.

“It really is just an expression of who I am. And it’s like each dish is rooted in memory, and something I love,” Che says.

It was the 30-year-old chef’s third pop-up and most elaborate yet, and showed his desire to express himself through food.

Che came to Vancouver from Macau at the age of five with his mother and two older sisters in 1999.

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