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Digital nomads embrace ‘freedom’ of work and travel lifestyle in Japan

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Japan calling: foreign digital nomads embrace work and travel lifestyle in Tokyo and beyond

Japan is laying the welcome mat to attract foreign digital nomads to work and travel in cities and towns across the countryMore tech-savvy workers from around the world are already embracing the freedom of such a lifestyle in JapanJapanJulian RyallPublished: 9:30am, 17 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

With the pandemic having accelerated innovative ways of working, Japan is now keen to appeal to a new generation of digital nomads who combine work with travel.

The Portuguese island of Madeira was a pioneer in recognising this emerging trend, opening the world’s first digital nomad village in 2021. Since then, remote working has become a way of life for tens of thousands of mostly young and tech-savvy workers around the world.

Digital nomads are individuals with online-based jobs who travel freely to different places.

Theo Eftimiades, a well-travelled American digital entrepreneur, has been on the road since 2021, when he spent three months in Guatemala. This was followed by spells in Colombia and Portugal before he arrived in Japan earlier this year.

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