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Hong Kong hawker food likely to return to Temple Street, but fire may be off menu

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Can Hong Kong hawker food beef up Temple Street? Industry head says comeback on the menu, but vendors may be barred from using fire

Sector representative Raymond Chan says government feedback ‘positive’ on plan to make part of area a ‘gourmet street’, but sellers may be limited to induction cookersEconomist Simon Lee has cast doubts on the proposal, saying visitors want to see chefs cook in front of themHong Kong economyDanny MokandSammy HeungPublished: 1:42pm, 18 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

Hawker food is likely to make a comeback at Hong Kong tourist attraction Temple Street in November, but vendors may be banned from cooking over an open fire, leading to concerns over whether visitors will flock to the stalls.

Raymond Chan Kam-wing, chairman of the Yaumatei Temple Street Association of Hawkers and Shop Operators, told the Post on Monday that the government had been “positive” when considering a proposal recently put forward by his group to designate a section of the famous night market as a “gourmet street”. The proposal would allow hawkers to reheat food using induction cookers.

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“I initially requested to allow open-fire cooking as [fried] food, which needs strong heat intensity [wok hei], would be better with fire, but this was not supported by the fire and food safety departments,” he said.

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