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African coups make life difficult for China’s belt and road projects


As coups threaten African stability, China struggles to make headway with belt and road interests

With military coups leaving African nations in a state of flux, the brakes have been put on China’s multibillion-dollar trade and investmentsChina has been left having to adapt and adjust to the new political realities as it tries to keep its belt and road schemes moving forwardChina-Africa relationsJevans NyabiagePublished: 6:00am, 1 Oct, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

When the military in Niger removed then-president Mohamed Bazoum in a coup d’état in July, Beijing’s statement appeared to support the deposed leader, saying he was “a friend of China”.Then, in the wake of the coup, on August 3, China’s foreign affairs ministry said it hoped that Bazoum’s “personal safety is ensured” and that relevant parties in Niger would “settle differences peacefully through dialogue”.But now, China is shifting from its earlier position as it works to build positive relations with the transitional military leaders. Chinese diplomats have stepped up negotiations with the new government to guarantee the safety of more than 1,000 Chinese citizens as well as the resumption of Chinese projects.

On September 16, a delegation led by Liu Yuxi, special representative of the Chinese government on African Affairs, held talks with the military leaders in Niger as China made sure it was in the new government’s good books.

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