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Hongkongers fear cancer the most – but they’re also confused by it


Cancer is the biggest medical fear for Hongkongers – but many are also confused by it

About 75 per cent of Hongkongers fear developing cancer, according to a new surveyBut only one third of those take preventive measures, such as undergoing screeningsWellnessNan-Hie InPublished: 6:45pm, 24 Oct, 2018Why you can trust SCMP

What is the leading medical concern for people in Hong Kong? The majority of residents most fear developing cancer, according to a survey by Medix Medical Monitor Research, based in the United Kingdom. The research polled 500 Hongkongers aged 30 to 59, and found 75 per cent of respondents fear a cancer crisis one day.

Yet, only about a third have done something about it, such as undergoing screenings to catch a cancer-related disease early. For example, among women respondents, only 36 per cent had undergone a Pap smear or breast examination.

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According to the Department of Health, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Hong Kong women and the disease remains the third leading cause of cancer deaths in women, with many experts urging women aged 40 or above to get yearly screenings.

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