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US national security adviser holds ‘constructive’ talks with Chinese foreign minister


White House adviser Jake Sullivan holds ‘candid’ talks with top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi

Two days of talks in Malta mark a continuation of recent high-level bilateral engagementBiden official mentions ‘limited indications’ that Beijing is considering resumption of military-to-military dialogueUS-China relationsRobert Delaneyin WashingtonPublished: 11:56pm, 17 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan held “candid” talks on Taiwan and the Russian war in Ukraine with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for two days, according to announcements from Washington and Beijing on Sunday, the second such meeting in four months.

In separate readouts, both sides called the two days of talks in Malta on Saturday and Sunday “candid, substantive and constructive” and said the two officials committed to further high-level dialogue, but did not say when the next round would be or who would lead them.

Sullivan brought up “our concerns with the PRC’s provision of different types of assistance to Russia”, a senior official with US President Joe Biden’s administration told reporters in a background briefing after the readout was issued. She said, however, that US officials “have not seen to date any lethal assistance”.

“There are a number of recent developments that we share our perspectives on, including . . . the upgrading of the US-Vietnam relationship,” the official added. “We also raised concerns about Chinese actions in the South China Sea.”

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