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Bridesmaids cower on street as men spray foam at them in violent wedding prank

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‘Vulgar farce’: terrified bridesmaids cower on street in China screaming for help as men spray fire extinguishers at them in wedding prank

Violent incident begins as soon as door of car carrying bride and bridesmaids to groom’s home is openedWedding hazing has long history in China but some local governments have made legal efforts to ban outdated ritualsTrending in ChinaLiya Suin ShanghaiPublished: 6:00pm, 30 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

Two bridesmaids in China were left crying, screaming and curled up on the ground after a group of men persistently sprayed fire extinguishers at them during a wedding.

The women, from Shandong province in eastern China, were victims of a wedding custom called “hazing”, known as naohun in Mandarin, which is the tradition of “disturbing” the celebration with humiliating and often violent actions.

The details of their injuries are not clear, but a viral clip filmed by a passer-by showed the bridesmaids being dragged and sprayed with the extinguishers by a group of men who didn’t stop even after the women collapsed to the ground.

The violent incident began as soon as the door of the car carrying the bride and bridesmaids to the groom’s home was opened.

One bridesmaid fell to the ground screaming and curling up in a ball as the men sprayed her. When she eventually lay quiet and still, they pulled the other bridesmaid out of the car.

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