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‘Tastes like milk’: company boss eats bar of soap in video to prove product is safe

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‘Tastes like milk’: boss of Chinese firm eats bar of soap in live-stream promotion video to prove product is safe and natural, shocking social media

Sales manager says company representatives have been eating soaps in marketing campaigns for many yearsPublicity stunt attracts huge amount of interest on mainland social media, with 20,000 comments left on DouyinTrending in ChinaAlice Yanin ShanghaiPublished: 9:00am, 1 Oct, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

What’s the best way to convince customers your product is safe and top-notch?

For a senior executive of a Chinese household cleaning product company, the answer was to be filmed eating a bar of his firm’s soap.

Qi Dexi, chairman of Hongwei Soap Enterprise, based in northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, caused a sensation after consuming the product during a live-streaming session in an attempt to prove it was safe and of high quality.

Holding a bar of yellow clothes-washing soap in his hand, Qi said: “It does not contain any poisonous elements. It is made of fat of sheep or ox. We have never added gutter oil or other additives, like talcum powder, in our 70 years’ history.”

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