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Jho Low has a home in Cyprus, an EU passport and a face like a bear’s?

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Jho Low has a radical new look, a home in Cyprus and an EU passport. Are the rumours true, or just ‘bear-faced’ lies?

The fugitive financier, who turned 38 on Monday, ‘now resembles a bear’ and walks like a wild ox, according to authorities in the country harbouring himHe also owns a Cypriot passport, according to reports, but his current whereabouts have not been disclosedMalaysia 1MDB scandalSCMP’s Asia deskPublished: 7:28pm, 4 Nov, 2019Why you can trust SCMP

Has Jho Low, the fugitive Malaysian financier who is accused of being the mastermind behind the multibillion-dollar 1MDB financial scandal, undergone radical plastic surgery to make himself look like a bear?That’s just one of the wild claims made by authorities in the country where he is hiding, according to Malaysia’s Inspector General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador.

“Among the excuses they gave was that he supposedly underwent plastic surgery and now resembles a bear,” the police chief was quoted by Malaysian newspaper Berita Harian as saying. “His face is said to look like a bear. I don’t know but purportedly he has changed how his face looks.”

Low – who turned 38 on Monday – has also changed the way he walks, according to the authorities in the unnamed country, so that “there were times when he walked he resembled a wild ox”, Abdul Hamid said.

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