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Harden should pull Messi move and play in China, says NBA analyst


James Harden should pull Lionel Messi move and play in China, says NBA analyst – ‘sometimes you have got to feel the love’

NBA superstar advised he might be better off cashing in now while still in his prime, just like football icon Messi in the MLS‘What if Harden said I’m sick of Daryl Morey. No teams want me, and that’s fine, I’ll go where I’m loved,’ Fox Sports analyst saysNBA (National Basketball Association)Nicolas AtkinPublished: 10:58am, 18 Aug, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

James Harden has suggested he could be tempted to play a season in China near the end of his career – but the NBA superstar has been advised that it might be better to cash in now while he is still in his prime, just as football superstar Lionel Messi has done with Inter Miami in Major League Soccer.The 33-year-old former MVP has been at loggerheads with his Philadelphia 76ers team president Daryl Morey, calling him in a “liar” on a recent promotional trip to China.

His words brought applause from the gathered media in Beijing, where Morey is a sore subject after his tweet in support of the 2019 anti-government protests in Hong Kong, which saw NBA coverage suspended in China for a whole season.

Harden is looking for a trade but has been told to report to a preseason training camp, and experts have suggested his time in the NBA could soon be over if he does not back down.

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