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‘I’ll live with you’: China girl, 9, tells abused mum to leave husband in note

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‘If you divorce dad, I’ll live with you’: online sympathy for trauma-hit China girl, 9, who writes heartbreaking note to abused mother

Mother attacked after arriving home from work and getting into heated quarrel over husband’s laziness while she was outAfter reading her daughter’s note, which ended with a reminder to lock the door, the overwhelmed mother broke down in tearsTrending in ChinaLiya Suin ShanghaiPublished: 6:00pm, 7 Sep, 2023Why you can trust SCMP

The heartbreaking story of a nine-year-old girl in China who left her mother a note urging her to divorce her abusive father has trended on mainland social media.

Dazhong News reported that the unidentified mother, from Sichuan province in southwestern China, allegedly faced domestic violence by her husband in the early hours of August 31.

Surveillance footage showed the girl’s father pushing his wife against a wall and beating her. The woman covered her head with one hand while sitting on the floor as her husband kept shouting at her.

After he left the scene, the little girl held her mother in her arms.

The violent attack happened when the mother returned home from work and discovered her husband had not done any housework or looked after their two children while she was out.

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